Understanding to Vital Role of Our Inner Revolution in Service of Social Transformation

A Whole Systems View Grounded in “The Three Higher Educations”:
–  Ethical Intelligence
–  Mental Discipline and Mastery of Attention
–  Sourcing Deep, Clear, Intuitive, Wisdom Regarding the True Nature of Ourselves and our Multidimensional Universe

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1 / Embracing Our Profound Potentials for the Synergy of Mastery and Mystery in our Lives and Work.

Establishing and Deepening Personal Practices from the Contemplative Sciences: Mindfulness, Compassion, Creative Intelligence, ad infinitum

The Dynamic Integration of Our InnerWork and Our Work In the World

Creative Intelligence and Intuition:  Refining Our Access to Wisdom Through Cultivating A Dynamic Synergy of the Receptive/Quiet Mind and the Creative/Active Mind

2 / Sourcing Deep Wisdom and Guidance from what the Sufis call, “The Holy Book of Nature”

Understanding the Varieties of Mindfulness Traditions and Types of Practice:
–  Foundations of Mindfulness practice
–  Appreciating the Many Diverse Traditions and Styles of Mindfulness Practice and the Matrix of Mindfulness Related Practices
–  The Seamless Integration of Mindfulness in Daily Life-Work
–  Keys to Developing Mindful Organizations and Mindful Leadership
–  Expanding the Mindfulness Paradigm with other Mind-Fitness and Heart-Centered Disciplines

Dimensions of Wholeness and Well-Being – Coherent Mind, Integrated Nervous System, and Attuned Field of Relationships

The Wisdom of the Body – Awakening Deeper Somatic Intelligence

Living and Working in the Zone of Optimal Performance: Increasing Our Personal and Collective Capacity for ExtraOrdinary Wisdom, Wellness, and Accomplishment

Fierce Compassion, Creative Altruism, and the Way of the Bodhisattva Archetype: Within the context of our contemporary lives and world, how can we embody and express the vast care for all beings that is the mark of a bodhisattva?



3 / Developing Familiarity With a Variety of Meditative Practices Beyond Mindfulness 

Appreciating The Profound Relevance of Contemplative Science and Contemplative Practice in Modern Times.

Collective Wisdom and Intelligence:  Learning ways to encourage the development and deployment of these skills with the organizations and communities that we serve

Embodying a Wider Spectrum of Archetypal Potentials: Exploring Themes of Ego Strength/Illusion/Vulnerability, The Power of Selflessness, and Universal Identity

Grounding Our Explorations in Evidence Based Research: (Neuroplasticity, Contemplative Neuroscience, Interpersonal Neurobiology, the varieties of meditation practice, etc.) while also acknowledging and honoring the profound mysteries of our lives that defy measurementand are best affirmed through poetry, music, symbology, movement, and silence…(Keep in mind that astrophysicists remind us that 96% of what seems to exist in the universe exists in a mysterious dimension and is impossible to measure – and of the 4% that is measurable, only .01% is what we regard as “physical phenomena” (such as bodies, object, planets, suns, etc.  Our lives and universe are truly mysterious and each of us has access to unfathomed dimensions of wisdom potential and power!)

Inspirations and Applications from Joanna Macy’s inspired Work That Reconnects and from Archetypal wisdom traditions– to give us the creative compassionate confidence and strength to dance with the sometimes overwhelming circumstances and challenges of living in these VUCA times.