We plan to launch this Learning Expedition the later part of February 2019.

SESSION 1 – Early 2019:  Foundations: Inner Revolution – Establishing a Strong Base for Our Journey Through Exploring Our Visions, Voices, Intentions, Questions, and Essential Practices

SESSION 2 – Springtime 2019:  The Arts & Sciences of Mindfulness & Compassion:Exploring Contemporary and Ancient Perspectives

SESSION 3 – TBD 2019: Blending Wisdom & Creative Altruism Regarding our Profound Interrelatedness: “Expanding the Circle of Our Compassion to Embrace All Living Beings and the Whole of Nature in All of Its Beauty”– Einstein

SESSION 4 – TBD 2019:    Exploring Archetypal Potentials & the Work That Reconnects Us to Our Wholeness

SESSION 5 – TBD 2019:   Becoming Evolutionary Architects of Personal, Organizational, and Social Transformation: Integration, Applications, and Celebration!